♦ Recognition, Imaging and Physics of point and extended defects in semiconductors: origin, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of defects

♦ Diagnostics techniques of crystal growth and processing of semiconductor materials (in-situ and process control)

♦ Device imaging and mapping for performance and reliability evaluation

♦ Defect and degradation analysis in optoelectronic and electronic devices

♦ Imaging techniques and instruments (scanning mictroscopies, x-ray, electron beam, noncontact electrical, optical and thermal imaging techniques, etc.)

♦ New frontiers of atomic-scale-defect assessment (STM, AFM, SNOM, ballistic electron energy microscopy, TEM, etc.)

♦ New approaches for multi-physic-parameter characterization with nano-scale space resolution


♦ Group IV semiconductors  (Si, Ge, diamond, etc.)

♦ III-V compound semiconductors (GaAs, InP, ternary and diluted magnetic materials)

♦ Wide band-gap materials (group-III nitrides,SiC and ZnO etc.)

♦ Materials for oxide electronics

♦ Photovoltaic Materials

♦ Organic semiconductors

♦ Nanomaterials

♦ Novel device structures

♦ Novel 2D semiconductors