Instructions for authors of oral presentations

The allotted time to speakers for the oral sessions will be as follows:

♦  Invited speakers: 30 minutes (including a short discussion).
♦  Oral presentations: 15 minutes (including a short discussion).

It is recommended to bring your presentation on a USB memory stick and to load your talk onto the PC on-site. The computer files which will be used during your oral presentation must be handed to the technician at the Presenters’ Desk 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the session of your presentation, so that they can be checked for correct operation and properly identified. In order to avoid any compatibility problems, safe the file alternatively in pdf format. Please do not compress (zip) the files for your presentation.

Instructions for authors of poster presentations

Posters should be A0 in size (118.9 x 84.1cm), prepared in portrait format
Appropriate fixing material will be available in the room.

Please, place your posters on Monday (the 9th September) morning.

Posters must be prepared in advance of the conference as it will not be possible to print them on-site.